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Badger is pleased to introduce it's new line of portable foam extinguishers containing a new Alcohol Resistant (AR) type of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) that was specifically formulated for optimum use in a hand portable fire extinguisher.


Badger’s new "Universal Ultra" Foam extinguishers are effective on class "A" common combustibles as well as both hydrocarbon and polar solvent types of class "B" flammable liquids, so they eliminate the application guess work associated with other foams. The unique synthetic base of "Universal Ultra" foam does not have any offensive odors, is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and extremely simple to use and clean up!

Features at a glance

  • Size - 2½ gallon & 6 liter
  • Air aspirated discharge nozzle design
  • Black anodized machined aluminum nozzle
  • Chrome plated brass valve.
  • Stainless steel handle and lever.
  • Color coded labels for instant type recognition.
  • Re-designed label incorporating easy to follow instructions and larger fire pictograms.
  • Full stainless steel cylinder that resists corrosion.
  • Extended discharge times
  • UL Listed.

These new Badger "Universal Ultra" foam extinguishers are the ideal choice for any hazard or application where flammable class "B" liquids are being handled or stored. Any facility having flammable liquids should have a hand portable foam extinguisher!


Foam extinguishers have the very unique ability to not only extinguish flammable liquid fires, but also suppress the vapors they give off to prevent their potential re-ignition or re-flash. When applied sufficiently, this vapor sealing capability of foam agents can help prevent various flammable liquid spill situations from turning into fire situations. Foam extinguishers are the only portables that can provide this type of double duty role.

The vapor securing capabilities of "Universal Ultra" foam make it the ideal choice for flammable liquid fire situations where obstacles such as the flammable liquid containers might be involved and only one extinguisher operator is available to fight the fire. Other "non-securing" types of extinguisher agents such as dry chemicals, carbon dioxide or halogenated agents require extremely high agent flow rates or multiple and simutanious application points to overcome the extinguishment problems presented by such obstacles. As today’s industry moves towards automation and manpower reductions, the need for a hand portable fire extinguisher having both extinguishing and securing characteristics has never been greater!

While foams are primarily desired protection for class "B" flammable liquid hazards, the wetting and cooling characteristics of an AFFF foam solution, also make them effective on class "A" common combustible types of fires.

Some typical applications include the following:

Manufacturing Facilities, Construction Sites, Gas stations, Commercial Storage Areas, Service Shops, Race Tracks, Utility Rooms, Garages, Warehouses, Fueling Areas, Laboratories, Solvent Handling Processes, Printing Shops, Paint Dipping Operations, Utility Rooms, Oil Change Facilities, Show Rooms, Convenience Stores, and Emergency Response Applications.

Features & Benefits in Detail

The new Badger "Universal Ultra" line of AR-AFFF foam hand portable fire extinguishers are the most effective foam units specifically designed for industrial and commercial market applications!

Extended discharge times provide novice operators with additional time to address class "B" flammable liquid spill coverage’s and perform any necessary class "A material overhaul needs.

Stainless steel agent cylinder construction design has no plastic bottom boot to crack or fall off.

Stainless steel operating levers, handles, rivets and ring pins ensure extended life in rough and harsh industrial environments.

UL Listed to meet various NFPA and federal code fire extinguisher requirements.

Highest class "B" fire ratings and coverage’s of any portable foam fire extinguisher in the industry.

Painted steel vehicle brackets for professional emergency response departments.

Air aspirated discharge nozzle design has no moving mechanical parts to malfunction or fail.

Black anodized machined aluminum discharge nozzle ensures many years of trouble free use within industrial applications because it will not chip, fade, crack, break or deteriorate.

Heavy duty stainless steel hose retention band will not stretch, crack or break like plastic types.

Discharge hose assembly features stainless steel couplings, a non-metal protective finger guard and larger ½ inch inside diameter hose.

Foam agent discharge that is more stable and heat resistant. This provides better sealing, burn back resistance and extended drain times over other types of conventional foams.

BADGER Foam Extinguisher Data

MFG # Model Price Size Duration Range Rating Temperature
23681 F-100 $101.75 6 Liters 50-55 Sec 10-15 Feet 1A:20B 40°F to 120°F
23697 F-250 $110.00 2.5 Gallons 90-100 Sec 10-15 Feet 1A:30B 40°F to 120°F
23691 F-100 Recharge $24.72 6 Litres - - - -
23702 F-250 Recharge $38.63 2.5 Gallons - - - -



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